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FADI | MMA SHORT | MS008 - Fadi Sports FADI | MMA SHORT | MS008 - Fadi Sports
    FADI | MMA SHORT | MS008

    FADI Kick Boxing Grappling MMA Short Fight Fighter Short Muay Thai Cage Training DESCRIPTION: FADI MMA shorts are intended for unfettered mobility and practical comfort. Athletic cuts are placed on both sides of the shorts to enable unequaled movement while training. The FADI shorts are built with ultimate durability, utility, and total breathability to enhance performance, as well as particular stretchiness for stretch out, high kicks, and other actions associated to the activity. The T3 reinforced stitching adds maximum strength and adds to the overall longevity of these battle shorts. The design has a FADI distinctive inner strip waistband with an interlocking drawstring for adjustability and the finest fit. This specifically treated odor control material prevents bacteria development, ensuring that your shorts do not stink. The most recent appealing designs, integrated with a logo in an appealing and contrasting hue, tell words about the utility, quality, and worth of FADI...

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